Through close working relationships with numerous quality assured construction sub-contractors, Murrina has the ability to provide access to high performance world leading brands in mobile and tower cranes, man & material hoists, security and many other services.

This coupled with strong engineering and technical skills provides assurance to Builders that all sub-contracts with Murrina will be acquitted with the upmost professionalism.

Safety and Environmental care are of upmost importance to everyone especially the sub-contractors who work with Murrina. It is a primary goal to ensure employees associated with the company exhibit the highest level of awareness and adequate level of competency and safety training.

Indigenous heritage

Of utmost importance to the company is the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Australian indigenous communities and the promotion of a deeper understanding of this cultural heritage throughout the wider Australian community. The construction industry, usually representing a diverse range of skilled workers with different cultural backgrounds, provides The Murrina Group a perfect platform from which it can promote the cultural understanding of our Indigenous heritage.

Working closely with Employees, Builders and local Communities, Murrina brings the cultural knowledge and community relationships together.